Cosmetic teeth straightening can vastly improve your appearance and your smile, with an average treatment time that is much quicker than other types of braces – since it only focuses on your front teeth. If you have a clinical need for teeth straightening, you will likely have to opt for more traditional braces as cosmetic braces won’t improve your bite or the overall teeth function. We offer two main types of straightening, Invisalign.


Invisalign aligners are completely transparent and bespoke to gradually straighten your teeth without using metal wires or brackets. These aligners can discreetly correct several different orthodontic issues to give you a balanced, even smile in as little as three months.

Invisalign comfortable results

Not all clear aligners are the same. Only Invisalign® clear aligners are made of SmartTrack™ material, so they are more comfortable to wear and easier to put on and take off


Is it painful?

The treatment itself isn’t painful, but you can expect to feel some discomfort as your mouth adjusts to wearing one. Over time with repeated use, they will feel more comfortable and natural. Because the straightening process gradually moves your teeth into a different position, you may find your teeth are a little more sensitive.

How long does it take?

No two mouths are exactly the same, so this can vary a little depending on your individual circumstances. Most people can expect a treatment time of 12 to 18 months, but for some individuals it can take as little as 3 months. Our dentists will be able to recommend which aligner is suitable for you, and outline how long your treatment is likely to take.